charcoals composition series

‘Charcoals’ is a series of compositions I began in 2012 for a wide range of performers and performance situations. All pieces and revisions are performer-, occasion-, and site-specific
The series spans electro-acoustic works, field recordings, performance pieces, and acoustic chamber music.

Charcoal 1.1 (trumpet and tape)
Charcoal 1.2 (breath, origami, and tape)
Charcoal 1.3 (4 performers and tape)

Charcoal 2.1 (violoncello and viola)

Charcoal 3.1 (trumpet and 2 strings)

Charcoal 4.1 (trumpet, violoncello, violin and tenor recorder)

Charcoal 6 (trumpet and 4-channel sound projection)

Charcoal 7 (trumpet and text)

Charcoal 8 (trumpet, viola, recorder, violin)

Charcoal 9 (double-bell trumpet, water bowls, coloured lights, CD, candle)

Charcoal 10 TBC

Charcoal 11 (double-bell trumpet and voice)

Charcoal 12.1 (multitrack trumpet)
Charcoal 12.2 (4 trumpets, 2 Flugelhorns)